An introduction to the marks spencer company

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An introduction to the marks spencer company

Task 1 Introduction In the present scenario, the employees are considered to be the valuable asset for the companies. They are the important element in the establishment of the position of company in the market. For holding the valuable employees in the company and avoid the situation of retention, the company is required to practice motivational factors to attract the workers towards the organization.

The aim of research is to focus on the impact of the motivational factors on the employees and their performance towards the achievement of the organizational goals and objectives.

An introduction to the marks spencer company

The research will help to understand the importance of the extrinsic and the intrinsic motivation for the betterment of the company.

Some of the major limitations are non-availability of the adequate resources such as tools, finance, etc. These are the limitations which are associated with the research study that divert or damage the progress of the research study Chakrabarti, To identify the importance of motivation in workplace.

To determine the factors of motivation in an organization. To explain the impacts of motivation on the employees in organization. What are the types of motivation at workplace?

What are the impacts of motivation on employees? The topic is selected because of the fact that the research can be conducted and authentic data can be collected easily Massenberg, et.

There are employees who feel less motivated in the organization due to less interest in the job assigned, no expectation of future growth and fear of getting failed in trying new innovations in the work.

In the present scenario, the employees are considered to be the valuable asset for the companies. This research report has been conducted to provide study on the motivational factors that affect the efficiency of the employees and the importance of motivational practices to increase the productivity in the organization.

The company is situated at UK and deals in the retail industry. It is a process of getting the work done from the employees in an efficient manner to make the organization move in the direction of growth.

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As per the theory, the employee firstly focus on the need which is shown at the bottom that is the physiological needs consist of food, shelter and home. And then he moves to the other higher levels of the pyramid as soon as the present needs of the employees are fulfilled.

The need s go in the upper direction of the pyramid Quratul-Ain, He explained four important factors of motivation which are extrinsic, intrinsic, identified and interjected motivation Quratul-Ain, As per this theory, there are certain factors in the organization which are responsible for the motivation of employees and some factors cause the dissatisfaction of employees.

It focuses on the motivational factors and the hygiene factors in the organization Quratul-Ain, According to Jason, in an article named employee motivations for workplace learning. The study of Jason focused that there is a requirement of continuous improvement in the capabilities and skills of the employees and which can be possible with motivation Jason, Types of motivation at work place: Intrinsic motivation is the intangible motivation given to the employees in the form of power, status, promotions.

This kind of motivation is provided to the employees on higher position to gain the benefits of their experience for the growth of business Jason, Extrinsic motivation is the tangible form of motivation given to the employees such as bonus, incentives, hike in salary etc.

Importance of motivation at workplace High performance of the employees depends on the level of motivation they gets in the organization to complete the assigned task.

The quality of the product and the productivity of the organization increases. With the increased productivity and better quality of service, the customers also get satisfied with the company.

The important benefit of motivation at workplace is to eliminate resistance to change in employees.Marks and Spencer Group plc, a leading and century-old Britain retail giant, which is selling of clothing, food and home products all over the world.

After experienced the failure of international expansion about a decade ago, the company stages a comeback on internationalization and intends to form good relationship with customers worldwide.

Marks & Spencer results - Introduction. Engagement with RTTT; Company overview; results: overview; Comments from Marks & Spencer; Engagement with RTTT. Marks & Spencer was one of the first companies to sign up to the Race to the Top project in It worked constructively with other project partners to develop and test the data collection methods used by the project.

M&S was founded in by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer in Leeds. The company also began to sell branded goods like Kellogg's Corn Flakes in November M&S currently has stores across the U.K including that only sell food barnweddingvt.comr: Sir Michael Marks, Thomas Spencer.

Strategic. with over stores in more than 30 countries worldwide Extracts an introduction to the analysis of marks and spencer from this document Introduction Marks and Spencer PLC Company Structure Marks and Spencer PLC is one of the UK's leading retailers of Marks And Spencer Internal Analysis An Analysis of Marks and Spencer INTRODUCTION .

Topics: Michael Marks, Simon Marks, 1st Baron Marks of Broughton, Thomas Spencer Pages: 3 ( words) Published: January 24, Marks and Spenser is the largest retailer in UK, and 43rd in the world.

Michael Marks M&S barnweddingvt.comT LINE HISTORY St Michael was a brand that was owned and used by Marks & Spencer from until The brand was introduced by Simon Marks in and replacing it with the Marks & Spencer brand. after his father and cofounder of Marks & Spencer.5/5(2).

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